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Cub Overnight Hike - Table Mountain

Akela Troost – 9th-10th May 2015

Emboldened by the success of our hike up Signal hill to overnight at Appleton last year, we tackled Table Mountain. With a 500m height gain as opposed to 350m and the need to carry pyjamas, a sleeping bag and more water, i.e. a kilogram or 2 more it proved noticeably tougher. 11 cubs managed the hike; some comfortably and a few with coaxing and invaluable Sherpa dad’s carrying some backpacks.

We headed up from Constantia Nek via the bridle path. We were in the mist by the time we got to Alexandra Dam which was bone dry and the cubs played there as though it were the beach.

There was some time to play once we got to the hut followed by a fingerfood supper each cub had packed for himself. The hut is well insulated and the human bodies soon raised the temperature to a comfortable room temperature even though it went down to 8 degrees outside.

After supper there was some storytime. The cubs told jokes and riddles and we read some jungle book. Ian mimed/read from his imaginary book. A treat that we can entertain each other.

We were on the move by 9am. We walked past the waterworks museum and then along the Hely Hutchinson dam wall which is half a kilometre long. The dam is 16 metres deep but was dry as dust. We did some rock scrambling a little further along and then descended via Nursery ravine. Tired cubs were delivered to parents waiting in the car park much busier than usual as all of Cape Town decided that it would be an excellent mother’s day outing.