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  • May 5, 2019
    Upton 2019 closing via @1stPinelandsSco
  • April 26, 2019
    Code breaking and plaster cast via @1stPinelandsSco
  • April 6, 2019
    Last Night's Troop Meeting was a fun photo evening, where the patrols had to take various photos with there newest… https://t.co/yQdVMV04gE via @1stPinelandsSco
  • March 9, 2019
    Last Night's Troop Meeting. via @1stPinelandsSco
  • February 17, 2019
    Peninsula Marathon bag packing via @1stPinelandsSco


Feel free to browse through our photo galleries of our various activities:

  • Tip to Top 2016

    Tip to Top 2016

    A group of senior scouts repeated the epic winter challenge of 2011 and once again hiked from Cape Point to Signal Hill in 4 day…

  • 2015 Senior Winter Hike

    2015 Senior Winter Hike

    A few senior scouts and scouters braved the cold front to hike in the Du Toitskloof Mountain Range. Thanks to the MCSA for the u…

  • Cub Hike on Table Mountain

    Cub Hike on Table Mountain

    On the 9-10 May 2015, the cubs spent the night at the scout hut on Table Mountain.

  • Josiah's Springbok Construction

    Josiah's Springbok Construction

    On a weekend in February, Josiah and his construction patrol built a bridge over the Elsieskraal river/canal.

  • Kloofing 2015

    Kloofing 2015

    A few of our Scouters/Rovers/Scouts went klooing in the mountains near Ceres.

  • Lions Head Training 2015

    Lions Head Training 2015

    Fitness training on Lions Head to get ready for the Rayner Trophy.

  • Cederberg 2014

    Cederberg 2014

    A team from 1st Pinelands took part in the Cederberg Senior Scout Adventure with one scout from 2nd Kenridge.

  • 2014 Senior Snow Hike

    2014 Senior Snow Hike

    After the closure of the Hottentots, the seniors decided on hiking overnight on Table Mountain instead. They were lucky enough t…

  • Soup Making

    Soup Making

    Our Scouts brought ingredients to make soup to aid those in need for the weekend.

  • Troop Camp 2013

    Troop Camp 2013

    Pictures of the Troop Camp in January 2013

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