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Tuesday's Springbok Construction

Tuesday - 15 May 2011

I feel that this project was even more successful that I thought. Besides the tower fulfilling Springbok requirements, being safe, sturdy and straight we managed convince the committee to fund the purchase of new pioneering equipment. The poles that were used were bought the Saturday before the project with the blessing of the committee and this is a big step in encouraging future pioneering projects. The project also highlighted the need for measured, painted and whipped ropes and in response there has been a rope maintenance day organised independently by the Pl’s to help upgrade our pioneering resources.

There was a large presence from our junior scouts with two eleven year old and four fourteen year old scouts attending other than the four senior scouts.

While we couldn’t leave the tower up for long and had no banner for advertising purposes as it wasn’t possible to get hold of at the time we did have many passers-by, including the police come around and ask questions about scouting in the district as well as the troop.

There was no damage to any equipment; in fact there was an improvement in maintenance with all ropes that were unwhipped fixed, knots untied and ropes hanked properly after use.

The committee had a large presence at the activity and as said above threw their support behind it. I was congratulated by the chairman, Mike, after he reached the top. I think that the committee see the need for good pioneering equipment and that it will be a priority for the future.

Everyone left the activity having learned something from stropping to whipping to how to use a frapping mallet, winch or how high ten meters really is. Many learned how to tie proper lashings. There was a good level of enthusiasm from everyone with many of the seniors planning their own projects for the back of the hall. I feel that the troop benefited immensely and that it will encourage our senior scouts to go on pioneers in the future.

Even though we only finished the tower completely at four I feel that the project was majorly successful in more than one field.

Springbok Project

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2011-05 Tuesdays Construction Project
  Tuesdays Construction Project
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