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Photos of Troop Camp:


Troop Camp 2013

25th Jan 2013 - The following reports were made by some of the patrols:


Troop camp 2013 had highs and lows and was filled with unforgettable experiences. Camping standards were improved with the building of the bridge between HQ and the five patrol campsites. The lats were in nice areas and were better than the last troop camp.

Cooking was the main focus of the camp. Good food was enjoyed by all and there was plenty of it. Highlights with regards to food would the gammon, pizzas, the food auction and the "International Food Evening". Most of the Zebras were part of the Lions patrol where we enjoyed yummy Mexican food! Although there was lots of food, cooking and cleaning all the time was not always enjoyable.

The naming ceremony was really awesome although it would have been nicer to have more first timers. It would have been cool if we could have stolen logs or had a bigger FLI. At least it wasn't raining this year which is a huge bonus as it rained last year!

Other highlights included the backwoodsman evening (juniors only) as the seniors found theirs more memorable than enjoyable (some more than others). The watermelon fight was awesome and there were no injuries unlike last year!

Getting Woken up for the wide game by Yorke & Josh was not the best but once we were up and running it was fine. The rain was a bit of a downer but over all Troop camp 2013 was awesome, enjoyable and definitely memorable!


Located near Elgin

We arrived at the farm to find a rickety bridge and tired PLs and P2s. We begun unpacking bags, patrol equipment and scouters' bags. Slowly we were led to our campsite after which we cleared a path and put up tents. We needed to find tools instead of stealing other patrols stuff. The next 2 days passed with a lot of building and cooking.

Although cooking was nice, there were a minimal amount of games - great food though!

By day four we were all missing our bed and electricity, not to mention food that we didn't cook. By day five Vicky was constantly dissapearing to Buffs, sometimes hours at a time, to wash their dishes. Survivor night was awesome, we were split from the seniors.

We were transported onto a neighbouring farm on a so called äeroplane"and then we "crashed". We had to do backwoods stuff.

The next day there was no constructing but lots of cooking and a few games. The next days we started to deconstruct the camp and washed a looot of dishes. Each and every one of us washed at least a few dishes (even Declan!). Troop camp was hard work but a lot of fun, although we cooked a lot (aint no body got time for that!). Buut I learnt that Scoutt is a great cook.

One of the highlights was the PLs banquet. They cooked a lot of nice food for us. We had garlic pizza breads for started with butternut soup. Then for main course we had roast lamb with poitjie, vegetables and roast potatoes. Pudding was ice cream and barone sauce.


Troop camp was a very interesting, hard, hot tretcherous camp filled with many interesting experiences for myself and the rest of the troop. The bridge was very awesome in looks from afar... a spectacular sight until you got on it... its lashings looked loose but presentable, its staves croked but strong, the boards were old but solid - it swayed to and fro as dirty old shoes twoddled accross the bridge.

The campsites were all along one wide and broad pathway, with each campsite having its unique looks and gadgets. Cooking and dishes were very appealing to us scouts, especially an all guys patrol, many arguments and quarrels took place over dishes.

The food was taste full and often burnt due to stupidity and uhm... no comment. The games and swimming time was very appealing with the temperatures rising high and low daily. This Troop Camp was very awesome and energy requiring and I would love to do it again.


We were pretty excited when we got to the scout hall. People had hiking bags about the size of themselves, while others were working on getting supplies ready for camp. Finally after a long wait we were ready to go to the secret troop camp site, although we already knew.

When we got to our stopover, we took our bags and walked through a farm for about 800 meters. We then finally found our campsite where all the PLs and possibly some of the P2s were. For the rest of the day we chopped a pathway through the foresty part of the farm. When night fell, we had our tents up and we slept in them until the PLs woke us up.

For the next 2 or 3 days we chopped more trees for our gadgets like a table, boundry, chooping area, wash basin and a flag pole. On the second day we did stalking.

Near the end of camp, we had to use tuck to buy a movie ticket, which ended up being our own snacks. About 3:30am we were woken up for a wide game and that is why we had breakfast late on the 7th day.

That night we had a banquet where the PLs made the food and we had to say each other's scout names. The last day we took all the gadgets down and we had a watermelon fight.

We all had ups and down, but in all we are excited for NEXT YEARS TROOP CAMP!