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Troop Camp 2010

Skilputt - 18 January 2010

And so Troop Camp starts another year with a bang!

Quite a few of us, even those who had been on camp the extra 2 days on the advanced party, felt the camp was awesomely hectic but too short. Everyone had a jam packed 7 days with hardly a minute to breathe in between activities.


A few of the highlights:

  • Many games! (Rounders, Danish Longball, Capture the flag, Chalk rugby etc etc etc.)
  • Awesome Tie Dying with Gaia
  • Campfire night
  • Survival night:
    o   Juniors – Shelters and own survival cooking on fires
    o   Seniors – Getting lost
  • Guest Day with Liz, Di, Alan, Gary, Simon, Peter and Garrick
  • International Food Evening – Greece, Russia, Thailand & Mexico!
  • Movie Night – “Yes Man”
  • Wide Game – Cold War Re-enactment (Congratulations to the Russians!)
  • Watermelon Fight
  • Stalk(sleep)athon!
  •  PL’s day
  • Tuck, the raft, the swing, weird food, awesome views and the list goes on!


From the scouters’ side, thank you to all the scouts who were keen and put loads of effort into your camp! We hope that you learnt tons of new things and grew from your experience!

For photos, click here
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