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Spout cave hike

Skilputt  - 01 October 2009

On the weekend of the 19th - 20th September, 10 of us drove all the way to just north of Driehoek in the Cederberg for an overnight hike to Spout Cave.

The hike, which starts in a rough "car park" under some trees, took us just under 4 and a half hours to get to the top. Not bad going at all... (slowed down by the likes of me).

The view at the top was great and we wasted no time to eat as we had procrastinated lunch to rather reach the top as soon as possible. Which was very very worth it!


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Spout cave hike


After relaxing and (some of us) abseiling, we climbed right to the top of tafelberg and went about a bad attempt at Geocaching before we enjoyed the view from near the edge of the cliff face. Well... not all of us enjoyed it as Revlonq had to spoil it all by accidentally twisting his ankle quite badly right at the very top (unlucky).

Once we had climbed down again we made work at supper and watched the sun set. After supper most of attempted to sleep, but it ended up a hard task, first due to Revlonq causing havoc and mayhem and then the freezing cold that bit straight through sleeping bags and multiple layers for clothing.

The following morning we had a bit of a slow start and made breakfast (well all except Hermit who liked the idea of staying warm) and prepared for the walk down. Revlonq (he seems to be mentioned often) had a head start for his ankle.

The hike down was much quicker even with a snack at Welbedacht cave and I think took all of 2 and a half hours. Down at the cars a few of us took a dip in the river. (a VERY quick one as it was freezing cold. I almost think it would have been ice had it not been flowing so fast.)

Overall an awesome hike! Thanks guys for coming along!