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Owls Patrol (1950-1952)

Neville - 24/08/2014

Between 1950 and 1952 I maintained a weekly diary of out patrol and Troop activities, and have a few photos that may be of interest. In one photo we see three scout masters, Pulker, Cook and Lusty, and include myself and Garnet de la Hunt, a king's scout who years later was appointed the chief scout of the whole world scouting movement.

I also include an Argus photo of us carrying the world globe in Greenpoint stadium at a remembrance day event. I was patrol leader of the Owls patrol for a few years, and our patrol regularly won the Troop Trophy.





In the above 1950's 1stpinelands photo those present as far as I can recall, are:
Left to right - rear: Billy Newman, Garnet dela Hunt (King Scout), Madala Mr Pulker, Skipper Lusty, Mr cook; front: Neville Engelbrecht and right Ronnie Ferguson. Keith Evetts on the left.