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The siege of Mafikeng

Attikus - 23rd April 2010

This Friday we had a joint troop meeting with Monte Vista, most of us don’t know any scouts from there but I have met some of them on badge courses and Cedarburg. We started with a game of ultimate Frisbee (well two games because there were so many people) and then we were marched into the scout hall where dramatic army music was playing and a slide show presentation of our task was presented to us.

The Scouters really put a lot of effort into the program and it was so much fun! It was based on a siege in Mafikeng and we were a platoon that had to get picked up before the other battalion landed and attacked us. To flag down the aircraft we had to make smoke signals. We had to complete four missions before we could do this.

It started by us cracking a code that gave us another code, the combination for an ammunition case that held our Mission destination. This ammunition case was as the Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV) once we had our destination we ran there and did the mission then we would have to run back to the RV to find our second Mission Destination, after all four missions which were, welding and making our own personal dog tags, Kim’s game and climbing and abseiling from a tree, Spanish windlass and diffusing a bomb we had all the necessary ingredients, one from each base to make the smoke bomb.

Once all the companies were back and our whole platoon was present we al simultaneously let off the smoke bombs. We successfully flagged down the aircraft and were safe. We had a lot of fun and Knockxx hurt her ankle really badly. We made some new friends and were definitely ready to go home at the end of the evening.