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  • April 9, 2018
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A Perspective from a Zebra's Eye

Egret - 20 January 2012

On friday the 20th, we had a troop meeting based on Map reading. For some patrols (Zebras and Seagulls) this was quite easy for other it apperead very hard.

Before we started the map work though we had to rescue a patrol member on the other side of a wall. At first we (the Zebras) couldn't find our person so we wasted time, which cost us a point or two. We then started the mapping. The PL's were called to the scouters for a brief talk and then we all ran straight out the door, looking for a clue circled on map. The Zebras happened to be the first to find their clue and got a huge advantage and lots of points, but the advantage was then taken away because we then had to wait till everyone had a clue to carry on. On our next map the zebras came second to the Seagulls....We were now even, or so we thought. It was then later anounced that the Seagulls won by one single point, which dissapointed us, greatly.

Better luck next time, team!