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Owls Patrol

Neville relates about his diary as Patrol Leader of the Owls Patrol

Rayner Champions

For the first time since 2002 1st Pinelands has finally brought the Rayner Trophy home as well as taking 3rd place!

Troop Camp 2013

Patrols report back on Troop Camp 2013 in January.

A Perspective from a Zebras Eye

Egret writes an article covering a Troop Program - From a Zebras Viewpoint

Tip-to-Top Senior Scout Winter Adventure

13 Seniors from the 1st Pinelands Troop trek all the way from Cape Point via Maclears Beacon to Signal Hill on the Cape…

Tuesday's Springbok Construction

Tuesday built an "Hourglass" tower for his Springbok construction project.

Upton 2011

1st Pinelands came first in the Upton Trophy on the 1st of May 2011

Rayner 2011

1st Pinelands came 3rd on Rayner 2011 after 3 years of not competing.

Friday the 13th

The weird Friday

Scouts - 14 May 2010

Police, Firefighters and the Brain Game


Taken from Attikus's Springbok Construction - Cape Town's 2 ladies get imploded

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