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[IMG]Cable Car.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 26K 
[IMG]A great picture of Lion's Head.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 32K 
[IMG]Our friendly feathered friend.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 35K 
[IMG]Trig Beacon 3.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 35K 
[IMG]Table Mountain from Lions Head.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 40K 
[IMG]Picture 045.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 44K 
[IMG]Below the Chains.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 45K 
[IMG]Our Patrol Flag.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 47K 
[IMG]Lion's head with a poser.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 47K 
[IMG]Trig Beacon 2.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 56K 
[IMG]Our Poser again.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 56K 
[IMG]The Kings Block House.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 57K 
[IMG]Lions Head.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 58K 
[IMG]Fiddling with the Fire Rating.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 64K 
[IMG]Lizard!...Again!.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 68K 
[IMG]Johann on the Chains.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 71K 
[IMG]Picture 041.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 73K 
[IMG]so i took two photo's of it =).jpg2014-08-01 21:07 75K 
[IMG]Lizard!.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 76K 
[IMG]The wind being a mighty nuisance.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 77K 
[IMG]None of us were ready for this one.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 78K 
[IMG]Bottom of Lions Head.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 79K 
[IMG]Just in case you weren't sure where we were.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 80K 
[IMG]Picture 070.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 81K 
[IMG]View.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 84K 
[IMG]Vew from Lions Head.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 86K 
[IMG]I liked this bird.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 86K 
[IMG]Trig Beacon 1.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 88K 
[IMG]A photo with our ''Tourists''.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 89K 
[IMG]Cave-like area where Johann found some shades.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 89K 
[IMG]Ruins in the distance.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 89K 
[IMG]Chilling on the Cannons.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 90K 
[IMG]Kloof Corner.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 104K 
[IMG]A leetle pool on the side of the path.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 120K 
[IMG]On our way to the Block House.jpg2014-08-01 21:07 126K 

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