1st Pinelands Photos

2008-11 District Hike
Vew from Lions Head
Trig Beacon 3
Trig Beacon 2
Trig Beacon 1
The wind being a mighty nuisance
The Kings Block House
Table Mountain from Lions Head
so i took two photo's of it =)
Ruins in the distance
Picture 070
Picture 045
Picture 041
Our Poser again
Our Patrol Flag
Our friendly feathered friend
On our way to the Block House
None of us were ready for this one
Lions Head
Lion's head with a poser
Kloof Corner
Just in case you weren't sure where we were
Johann on the Chains
I liked this bird
Fiddling with the Fire Rating
Chilling on the Cannons
Cave-like area where Johann found some shades
Cable Car
Bottom of Lions Head
Below the Chains
A photo with our ''Tourists''
A leetle pool on the side of the path
A great picture of Lion's Head